Should I Keep My Heater at One Temperature All the Time?

Adjusting the heat in Little Rock.

We talk to our customers about energy efficiency all the time. One of the questions we get asked the most is “Should I keep my heater at one temperature all the time?”

The short answer is that yes, you should, in many situations. However, there are few times when you don’t need to do that. 

Thermostat Options for You

Most of the time, the best solution for energy efficiency is to set your furnace at one temperature and leave it there. The lower you set it, the less your heater will have to work. Even if you set it higher, though, it’s better to set it and leave it.

However, a programmable thermostat allows you turn your heat up when you’re home and down when you’re gone, without ever experiencing discomfort. Just tell the thermostat when you’re coming home and it will get your house toasty warm before you get there, while still allowing you to keep your home cooler while you’re gone. 

You can take the level of control one step farther by choosing a smart thermostat. In addition to allowing you to program different temperatures for different times of day, this will allow you to control your home’s temperature via smartphone. If you come home unexpectedly, you can make sure your house is already warm when you get there.

If you’re interested in a thermostat that offers more control, contact us at Airmasters Heating and Cooling today. We’ll help you get the perfect model for your home so you can save money all winter long! We offer comprehensive heating services in Little Rock, and are here to help you!

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