Save Money on Commercial Cooling in North Little Rock

Running a commercial AC unit costs a lot of money! Most of these units are larger than residential cooling units and they often keep temperatures lower than homeowners prefer and do it for a longer section of the day. Thus, keeping commercial AC costs down can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your costs as low as possible!

Sign Up For Commercial AC Maintenance

commercial ac maintenance in north little rock

The best thing you can do for your AC unit is to sign up for commercial AC maintenance in North Little Rock. A skilled member of our team will come out to test each part of your air conditioner, clean out any dust and debris inside it, inspect your ductwork, and change any filters you have. This commercial AC maintenance helps keep your unit running efficiently and saves wear and tear so it lasts longer.

Inspect Your Own AC Regularly

While it’s not the same as commercial AC maintenance in North Little Rock, you should look at your AC unit often. If it’s leaking or you hear odd noises coming from it, give us a call and we’ll come to fix it before the problem gets even bigger! These quick inspections can save you a lot of money on massive repairs!

Keep Your Ductwork in Good Shape

If your ducts are losing a lot of the cold air your AC unit is pumping into your building, your commercial AC costs can skyrocket. We can inspect your ductwork and let you know how much air is leaking out. Then you can decide if it’s worth it to seal them or replace them!

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats give you even more control over your air conditioning. It allows you to lower your commercial AC unit costs by turning your AC down or off when no one needs it. That way, you aren’t paying for it to run when no one requires it to do so.

Utilize Fans to Maximize Airflow

Install ceiling fans and use smaller fans to help keep the air moving in your place of business. This can make people feel cooler even if you turn the temperature in the place up. No one should be uncomfortable, and you won’t have to pay as much in cooling costs.

Use High-Quality Window Coverings

Make sure you have heat-reflecting window coverings on all windows that the sun beats down on during the day. This keeps heat out of your place of business so your AC won’t have to work so hard, which lowers your commercial AC costs. Installing new blinds, curtains, or other window coverings is an investment that will pay off!

Call us at Airmasters AR Heating & Cooling today to schedule your commercial AC maintenance in North Little Rock or get other help lowering your commercial AC unit cost this summer!

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