How to Make Your Heater Last

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At Airmasters Heating And Air Conditioning, we know that your heater is a major investment, and we know you’d love to make it last as long as possible. Here are a few things you can do to help take the strain off your heater so it can be energy efficient and experience less stress and strain than it otherwise might. 

Change the Filters

Change your filters at least every 6 months and up to every month depending on the type of filter, how dirty it gets, how much you use your heater, and more. We can show you how to check it and, if necessary, change it.

Clean it Out

Find the places where dust can gather in your furnace and remove it. If there’s dust on your fan blade, for instance, removing it can save significant wear and tear on your unit. It may not seem like much but it makes a big difference. 

Test it Regularly

Even if you aren’t going to use your heater for an extended period of time, turn it on now and then to make sure it’s working. You can also call in a pro to check each part separately. 

Take Care of Repairs ASAP

If you suspect you need furnace repairs or you know for a fact that you do, get them done right away. This gets your furnace back working normally again fast and saves wear and tear.

Contact us at Airmasters for help extending the life of your furnace or for more tips on doing so.

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