Don’t Try DIY Commercial AC Repair! Here’s Why…

We talk to a lot of business owners who are chagrined that their DIY commercial AC repair in North Little Rock didn’t go as planned. Most of the time, they wanted to save money or they didn’t know how to search for “commercial AC repair near me” so they ended up working on their unit themselves, only to find that they couldn’t finish the job.

Unless you have a background in AC commercial repair in North Little Rock or your only issue is that your commercial AC breaker tripped, we recommend bringing in professionals to help with your cooling issues. At Airmasters AR Heating & Air Conditioning, we are always happy to help!

There are ALWAYS Hidden Costs

One top reason why we don’t recommend DIY commercial AC repair is that it always costs more than you think it will. You may end up needing parts that you have to order from the manufacturer or you may get the wrong part and have to deal with returns, etc. On top of that, you void your warranty anytime someone not certified in commercial AC repair in North Little Rock works on your AC, which can cost you a lot in the long run!

You Risk Your Health and Safety

commercial AC repair north little rock

There are a number of health and safety risks involved in AC commercial repair in North Little Rock. Repairing an AC unit means working with chemical coolants like freon, which need special handling. You also have to deal with electricity near liquids, which can be a hazard in and of itself. Finally, if your AC has been leaking, there may be dangerous mold and mildew growth that can make your commercial AC repair even more hazardous.

These Repairs Take a Lot of Your Time

Unless your problem is something easy, like your commercial AC breaker tripped, a commercial AC repair can take up quite a lot of time. In fact, it almost always takes amateurs longer than they think it will. This eats up time and energy that you could be spending working on your business and it can even leave you without cooling power for an extended period of time if you have to wait on parts. We bring parts with us and work fast to get your AC back on soon.

Get Professional Commercial AC Repair

If you’re not sure who to call for your commercial AC repair near me, reach out to us at Airmasters AR Heating & Cooling today. We can fix your commercial AC in North Little Rock quickly so you won’t have to worry anymore! We’ve provided reliable commercial heating and AC services to hundreds of businesses for more than 45 years. We offer competitive bids on HVAC services for office buildings, apartment complexes, environment-controlled self-storage facilities, and other commercial structures. Schedule your commercial AC repair today!

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