Common Issues With Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial HVAC maintenance

Your HVAC system should work well in your North Little Rock business, or you might end up with unhappy employees, tenants, or customers. Here are some common commercial HVAC issues you should address before they become major liabilities.

The System Capacity is Incorrect

Sometimes, people try to save money on a commercial air conditioner installation in North Little Rock by installing a unit that is smaller than what the building technically needs. Too-small units won’t be able to heat or cool effectively and they will wear out faster because they are working too hard.

Too-large units are a problem, too. These will cost a lot more to run than you should pay to heat your structure.

The System Makes Unusual Sounds

If your HVAC system is making unusual sounds, call us right away for a commercial air conditioner repair in North Little Rock.

If it’s happening in the winter, call us for a commercial furnace repair in North Little Rock.

No matter what time of year it is, your HVAC system should not make sounds you’ve never heard before, or ones that make people in the building uncomfortable.

The Thermostats Stop Working

If your thermostats aren’t working, you won’t be able to control your commercial cooling or commercial heating in North Little Rock. We’ll help find the faulty thermostat (if you have more than one) and replace it so you have temperature control once again.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is what allows your AC to cool air so people can stay comfortable in your building when it’s warm outside. If it leaks out of the unit, then it won’t cool as effectively. It might overheat from trying to cool without refrigerant, while everyone in the building is still too warm.

Airflow is Inconsistent

If one part of your building is always too hot and another is always too cold, chances are that you have a leak somewhere in your ductwork. Call us for a commercial heating or commercial air conditioner repair in North Little Rock so we can find the problem and devise a solution for you.

Air Quality is Low

If your air filters are dirty or there’s air pollution nearby, chances are that the air in your building is also suffering. We can help you change your filters, perform a commercial AC or commercial furnace repair in North Little Rock to eliminate contamination by the HVAC unit itself, and help you find other air quality solutions today!

No matter what you need for your building, we are your experts in commercial cooling and commercial heating in North Little Rock.

Call Airmasters today for everything from a commercial boiler repair to a commercial air conditioner installation in North Little Rock. We have you covered, no matter what you need!

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