Commercial HVAC Tips For Fall

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When winter comes, you want your commercial heating in North Little Rock to be fully functional and ready to go so you don’t experience any disruptions to your business.

That’s why it’s important to take care of your commercial heating and commercial air conditioning in North Little Rock during the fall. You can remedy any wear and tear that the system suffered during the summer and get it ready to work well all winter!

Check Heater Fuel Levels

If your heater relies on propane or oil, make sure that it is topped up and ready to go. We can do this as part of your commercial HVAC maintenance if you call us as your commercial HVAC company in North Little Rock.

Change Filters

If your system relies on filters, make sure you put a clean one in before you turn on the heater. That way, you’ll ensure that the air everyone breathes who relies on the system is clean and clear. Not changing filters puts more strain on the unit and can require more frequent commercial HVAC repairs.

Test Your Thermostat

Your commercial air conditioning in North Little Rock (and your heating, too!) relies on your thermostat. If it’s not working well, your building won’t stay at the correct temperature. Test it to make sure that it’s actually holding at the right temperature and that it makes things hotter and colder when you change it.

If it’s not working, call us to calibrate the thermostat or ask our commercial HVAC repair team to install a new one for you!

Clean Your System and Your Ducts

Fall can be a major time for allergies. Make sure you don’t bring them in when you run your commercial heating in North Little Rock by cleaning out your system and getting your ducts cleaned before you run it. Clearing out dust and debris could make any allergy sufferers feel so much better!

Schedule Fall Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Contact your commercial HVAC company in North Little Rock to schedule commercial HVAC maintenance before you try to use your heater. When you rely on us at Airmasters AR Heating & Cooling, we’ll come test each part of your system, make sure it’s all working as designed, then change your filters and clear out any visible dust and debris.

If you need a commercial HVAC repair, we’ll get the work completed fast so your business will have reliable heat whenever it gets cold enough to turn it on. Call us today to schedule your visit soon!

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