How To: Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial HVAC in North Little Rock

Did you know you can assess your commercial HVAC system on your own? This guide will help you know when to call us for help with your commercial heating or commercial cooling in North Little Rock.

Our team is always happy to help. No matter what you need when it comes to HVAC maintenance, we will get to you fast and get the work completed as soon as possible.

System Parts to Assess

When you’re assessing your system and trying to decide if it’s time to call us for maintenance on your commercial cooling or commercial heating in North Little Rock, here’s what you should consider.

System Age

Older systems are more likely to need maintenance than newer ones. Many of the newer systems will let you know when they need something, whether it’s a new filter or a yearly service visit. It’s easier to forget maintenance on systems without these updates, which can cause all sorts of costly problems later on.

Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant levels need to stay high for your commercial cooling in North Little Rock to work optimally. If they get low, your system may have to work harder to cool well, or it may not be able to cool your building at all. If you notice low refrigerant levels, call for help right away.

Filter Status

Filters are made to collect dust and debris over time. However, the more of this they collect, the harder it is for your system to work efficiently. Check your filters and replace them if they are full, or get on a regular schedule so you’ll always know if it’s time to get a new filter. If you are unsure how to replace your filters, get some professional help to make sure the job is done well.

Duct Debris

Check your air ducts for debris. If you see dust and debris from outside the vents, or if you remove vent covers and find them full of it, it’s time to get a duct cleaning in North Little Rock. This service helps ensure that the air people are breathing in your building is fresh and clean.

Thermostat Functionality

If your HVAC system isn’t working well or doesn’t seem responsive when you make temperature changes, it’s time to look at your thermostat. Replacing this part is often an inexpensive way to get your system working well again. Upgrading it can give you more control over your heating and cooling, too.

Previous Service Dates

If it’s been a year or more since your commercial cooling and commercial heating in North Little Rock received professional service, or if you’re not sure when the last service dates were, it’s time to contact us at Airmasters to get the system examined and tested.

In fact, you can contact Airmasters Heating & Air Conditioning anytime you need commercial HVAC maintenance or duct cleaning in North Little Rock. We’ll be there soon to help you and your employees, tenants, and customers stay comfortable all year long.

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