Should You Replace Your AC During Winter?

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Here at Airmasters, we know that you need a functioning air conditioner for the Arkansas summer. Most people don’t think about their AC in the winter, but it’s actually a decent time to think about replacing it if you’re due for that.

Not convinced that you should consider Little Rock HVAC installation in the winter? Here’s why we suggest you do it!

You Have Flexibility On the Timing of HVAC Install or Replacement

There’s nothing that says we have to do air conditioner installation in Little Rock in the summer. That’s simply when people use their air conditioners the most, so it’s when major breakdowns tend to occur or when they realize their AC isn’t cooling well anymore.

If you have noticed problems with your air conditioner during the summer, there’s no reason why you can’t call for an air conditioner replacement in Little Rock in the winter. As long as the weather isn’t horrible, we can perform HVAC installation in the winter, no problem!

The Benefits of Replacing Your AC in the Winter

In fact, there are benefits to calling for this air conditioner service in Little Rock in the winter. We might be able to get to you faster than we would in the summer, since we don’t have huge queues of people who need help staying cool.

Some of our AC manufacturers also offer discounts to people who choose HVAC installation in Little Rock in the winter. They want to keep selling units and they know it’s the off-season, so they lower their prices or offer deals to get people to keep buying.

Getting a new AC in the winter also means that you won’t have to worry about cooling when summer comes. Instead of wondering whether your old AC will start or will last all summer, you’ll know you have a new, reliable unit that may even cool better than anything you’ve had before.

Finally, when you get a new AC now, you save yourself the stress of calling for this air conditioner service in Little Rock, like AC repairs and AC maintenance, during the busy season. Most of the time, we can get to you faster and get the job done quicker in the winter.

Call Us for HVAC Installation in Little Rock

If you’re ready to install a new AC unit this winter, call us at Airmasters AR Heating & Air Conditioning. Our Little Rock HVAC technicians can do your AC replacement in Little Rock at any time of the year! Just give us a call and we’ll be there soon to perform your HVAC installation.

5 Tips to Improve Commercial Heating Efficiency

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If you keep your heating system efficient, you may be able to avoid frequent commercial heating repairs in North Little Rock. This is good for you because heating repairs can get expensive.

If you do need the services of a commercial HVAC company in North Little Rock, you can always call us at Airmasters AR Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll be there fast and get your business warm again ASAP.

Clean & Maintain the Ducts

Check your ducts, particularly the places where they are joined together. When air escapes, it means your HVAC system has to work extra hard. Since you don’t want to overtax your commercial heating in North Little Rock, do this regularly.

You may also want to schedule regular commercial duct cleaning in North Little Rock. This can help make sure your ducts are in great shape and don’t need repairs.

Install Upgraded Thermostats

The latest in programmable thermostats are better than ever. They can help you maintain a consistent temperature in your building without wasting energy. You can also control some of them from your phone, so you can make changes as needed.

Have a Pro Check Air Dampers and Heating/Cooling Valves Regularly

We don’t do this when we come out to maintain your commercial heating in North Little Rock unless you specifically ask us to, but it can help your heating system work quite a bit more efficiently. When the system doesn’t have to push extra hard to get air where it needs to go, you’ll spend less on energy costs.

Call for Yearly Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, call your commercial HVAC company in North Little Rock at least once a year. We’ll come to inspect your system, test your heater part by part, and make sure it’s ready for winter.

If we find that you need a commercial heating repair in North Little Rock, we’ll make sure we get it completed as soon as possible. That way, you’ll know you have reliable heat whenever you need it.

Update Your System

If your system is old, there’s only so much efficiency it can attain. Newer systems are made to be more efficient, and you’ll want to install one of these if you want to take heating efficiency to the next level.

Get Commercial Heating Repair in North Little Rock, AR

Call us at Airmasters AR Heating & Air Conditioning today, or anytime you need help with your commercial heating in North Little Rock, AR. We’ll be there soon!

A DIY Furnace Maintenance Guide

Did you know that regular furnace maintenance in North Little Rock can help you avoid repairs, save money, and more? It’s true! Call us at Airmasters AR Heating & Cooling now or follow the steps below to complete your heating maintenance in North Little Rock.

Even if you do it yourself, it’s a good idea to have a pro take a look at your furnace now and then. We can tell you if you need a furnace replacement in North Little Rock. We can also point out any potential furnace repairs in North Little Rock so you can take care of them ASAP.

furnace repair north little rock

Inspect Your Burner Flame

Make sure your burner flames are more or less even and blue. If they are yellow, call in a pro to clean and adjust them. Never adjust these yourself.

Vacuum Out the Furnace

Turn off the power to the furnace and disconnect the gas or electricity. Use a small attachment to carefully vacuum any dust and debris out of the furnace.

Clean Out the Blower

Take the blower out and clean it carefully with your vacuum and/or a small brush. Don’t touch or move the counterweights or any electrical components. If you can’t clean it without doing this, skip it or call in a pro.

Change the Furnace Filter

Switch out your dirty furnace filter with a new one. You should be doing this regularly – at least every three months.

Blow Off the Pilot Light

If there is dust or debris on the pilot light, blow it off with compressed air or even just by blowing with your mouth.

Inspect the Belt

Find the drive belt and look over its entire length. If it is frayed or breaking, take it out and install a new one. If you aren’t comfortable doing this furnace repair in North Little Rock, call us and we’ll do it for you.

Add Lubrication

If your furnace is older and requires oil, remove the oil caps and add lubricant. If you’re not sure whether or not you should do this part of furnace maintenance in North Little Rock, our pros will handle it for you.

Seal Up Your Air Ducts

If your air ducts have dampers that need adjusting in the winter, go ahead and adjust them now. This helps send the warm air where you need it most in the winter.

Get help from the North Little Rock Heating Pros

Does this sound like a lot for you to handle? Don’t worry, your North Little Rock heating maintenance experts can take care of these and more! Call us at Airmasters today and we’ll do your heating maintenance in North Little Rock before winter comes in full blast!

Protect Yout HVAC System From Extreme Cold

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During normal cold snaps, your North Little Rock HVAC should work just fine. But if the temperature changes drastically or the outdoor unit gets covered with ice and snow, you can face an emergency shut-off scenario. This can cause the temperature to drop significantly in your home and could result in frozen pipes and other problems. Avoid this or needing heating service in North Little Rock from happening by taking the following steps. 

Build a Wall

If your outdoor HVAC in North Little Rock isn’t protected enough by the structure of your home, build a wall around it so snow can’t drift up against it. Make sure you leave plenty of room for airflow, though.

You may also be able to solve drifting and snow buildup problems by putting your HVAC unit on a platform. This keeps it above normal snow accumulation levels. 

Get Out the Shovel

Dig around your HVAC unit and continue to do so as long as the snow falls. Even a small trench can save you quite a bit of hassle and money later on. 

Look Out Below

Make sure that your gutters aren’t overflowing or emptying onto your outdoor HVAC unit and that icicles or snow dams aren’t building up over it. These can all fall and damage the unit, or cause it to get encased in ice. 

Call For Help With Your North Little Rock HVAC

Taking a few minutes a day during extreme weather can help keep your North Little Rock HVAC running well and your home warm. Contact us at Airmasters Heating & Cooling if you have any questions or if your HVAC system has problems this winter.

Mold & Mildew Solutions For Your HVAC System

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Did you know that mold and mildew can grow in your HVAC system, as well as in your kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of your house? It’s true! When this happens, these mold and mildew spores travel throughout your home every time you run your HVAC in North Little Rock

At Airmasters Heating & Cooling, we want you to be able to understand and spot this problem before it becomes a major issue and affects the health and well-being of your entire family. Here’s what you need to know. If you suspect a mold or mildew problem in your HVAC system, call us ASAP for duct cleaning in North Little Rock to mitigate it fast. 

How Do Mold and Mildew Get There?

Mold and mildew get into your HVAC system when it sucks in spores lingering in the air from outside your home. These spores can exist naturally outside your home. Most of the time, they don’t last long once they are in your house. However, certain conditions can help them grow.

Moisture is necessary for mold and mildew growth. This moisture can also come in with the outside air or it can get be present in your North Little Rock HVAC if something isn’t working.

Mold and mildew also need nourishment to grow. When your HVAC system sucks in debris from outside, this can feed that growth if it gets stuck in your system. 

Signs of Mold & Mildew in Your HVAC System

There are a few ways to tell if there is mold and mildew in your HVAC system. Look for:

  • Musty or mildewy smells, especially when the system is running or nearby vents.
  • Visible mold around your intake vents or your air ducts.
  • Leaks or puddles in, around, or coming from your HVAC system. 
  • Coughing, sneezing, congestion, or increased allergies at home. 

The Dangers of Mold & Mildew

Having mold and mildew in your home isn’t just unpleasant. They can cause major issues for you and your family. If someone is allergic to mold or mildew, their allergies may get worse and worse at home. Breathing in spores can also trigger asthma attacks or difficulty breathing in people with lung issues.

Other signs that your health is being affected by mold or mildew include:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Congestion
  • Headaches
  • Frequent bronchitis or pneumonia

If you are experiencing symptoms, it’s important to get your home checked for mold or mildew! Call us at Airmaster Heating & Cooling for duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance in North Little Rock ASAP.

Mold & Mildew Solutions for You!

At Airmaster Heating & Cooling, there are a few things we can do to help eliminate mold and mildew in your home. We offer:

  • Air duct cleaning. We’ll remove dust, debris, and dirt from your air ducts, as well as any visible traces of mold or mildew. We’ll make sure your ducts are not in a hospitable environment where mold and mildew can grow. 
  • Upgraded furnace filters. These can trap mold and mildew spores before they get spread around your house via your HVAC system. 
  • HVAC maintenance. We’ll make sure that your system isn’t leaking or otherwise creating a place where mold and mildew can thrive. 

Call Us For Duct Cleaning in North Little Rock ASAP

Give us at Airmasters Heating & Cooling a call today and let us know that you’re struggling with mold or mildew growth in your North Little Rock HVAC. We’ll get an expert to your house ASAP to track down the cause of these problems and implement a solution that will keep you and your family healthy at home. Make your appointment now!

Ductwork and Your HVACs Performance

When people think about their HVAC systems, they usually think about their heater and air conditioner. Very rarely do they consider their ductwork or ventilation- the “V” in “HVAC” – and wonder if it could contribute to their problems. Here are just a few of the things that can go wrong with your ducts.

The Ducts are Too Small

duct cleaning north little rock

If your ducts are too small for your AC, your furnace, or both, the whole system will make a lot of noise. If you’ve recently gotten a new HVAC in North Little Rock and the system seems louder, make sure you check duct size. When your ducts are too small, your system has to work extra hard and experiences excessive wear and tear. 

The Ducts are Too Big

When ducts are too big, your HVAC in North Little Rock can’t get air to your entire home. You may have some areas that are much warmer or cooler than others. This can reduce your heating and cooling by up to 60%, so it’s worthwhile to check it out. Give us a call for AC or heating service in North Little Rock today for help.

The Ducts Have Been Damaged

If your ducts have holes in them, your heated or cooled air is escaping. You may have heard an adult say “we don’t need to heat (or cool) the whole outdoors!” as a child. Fixing these holes can raise your energy efficiency quite a bit, depending on the damage to your ducts.

The Ducts Are Dirty

If you have allergies or asthma and you notice that they worsen, you may have dirty ducts. Although your air filter keeps as much dust and debris out of your ductwork, it can’t catch everything. This prevents your HVAC in North Little Rock from working at its best. Call our HVAC experts for duct cleaning in North Little Rock to clear out the dust, pollutants, and debris that’s sitting in your vents.  

Get Expert Duct Cleaning in North Little Rock

If you have questions about your ductwork or your HVAC in North Little Rock in general, the technicians at Airmasters Heating & Cooling would be happy to help. Whether you need duct cleaning, HVAC repair, or heating service in North Little Rock call us today to have a tech out to you soon. Before long, your HVAC in North Little Rock will work like new.

The Most Common Furnace Problems and How To Solve Them

We have been in the HVAC business for a while now and we’ve seen every furnace problem in the book! However, there are some issues that we see a lot more than others. If your furnace is struggling, here are a few things that you can check out. If you’re not comfortable looking at your furnace, these are also what we will check for as soon as we get to your house. 

Clogged Filters

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Most air filters need to be changed every 1 to 6 months, depending on the type of filter, how often you run your furnace, and a few other specifics of your situation. If you’re not sure how often you should change your air filters, our North Little Rock HVAC repair experts can take a look at your system and let you know. 

If you don’t change your filter, your furnace has to work extra hard to get the air that it needs to heat so it can keep your house warm. All of this creates extra wear and tear for the unit and can cause it to break down more often or hit the end of its lifespan faster. If you haven’t changed your air filter in a long time you may want to call us out for your North Little Rock HVAC repair, just to make sure there’s no damage to your furnace.

Thermostat Problems

Before you call us for heating maintenance in North Little Rock, check your thermostat. Sometimes, it gets bumped, the temperature gets turned down, and people think their furnaces aren’t working. It’s worth checking it out before you call.

Other times, the furnace and the thermostat just aren’t communicating well anymore. In these cases, we can fix the thermostat or replace it with one that will work better for you. A new thermostat could also save you money on heating service in North Little Rock and give you more control than ever over your comfort systems. 

No Pilot Light

If your pilot light goes out, your furnace won’t work. You can usually check this by looking at the bottom of your furnace for a blue flame. Some furnaces may have their pilot lights located in other areas of the furnace. They will usually be labeled or there will be a diagram on the furnace to show you where to look.

Relighting a pilot light can be straightforward or there can be several steps involved. If you’re not sure how to relight yours, give us a call. We’d be happy to do it for you and show you how to do it next time. 

Not Enough Gas Supply

If your furnace isn’t getting enough gas, it won’t heat well. Make sure the valve on the gas supply to your furnace is turned all the way on. Sometimes, this gets bumped and turned down. Other times, homeowners think it is safer to have it partially turned off. However, it either needs to be all the way on or all the way off for optimal safety and furnace function. 

Call us For North Little Rock HVAC repair

If your furnace isn’t working and you can’t figure out why, or need another heating service in North Little Rock, call us at Airmasters Heating & AC today. We’ll get a North Little Rock HVAC repair technician to your home ASAP. Whether you need a furnace or other heating maintenance in North Little Rock, our technician will get your heat back on fast so you can get comfortable in your home again soon!

Commercial HVAC Tips For Fall

commercial heating maintenance in North Little Rock

When winter comes, you want your commercial heating in North Little Rock to be fully functional and ready to go so you don’t experience any disruptions to your business.

That’s why it’s important to take care of your commercial heating and commercial air conditioning in North Little Rock during the fall. You can remedy any wear and tear that the system suffered during the summer and get it ready to work well all winter!

Check Heater Fuel Levels

If your heater relies on propane or oil, make sure that it is topped up and ready to go. We can do this as part of your commercial HVAC maintenance if you call us as your commercial HVAC company in North Little Rock.

Change Filters

If your system relies on filters, make sure you put a clean one in before you turn on the heater. That way, you’ll ensure that the air everyone breathes who relies on the system is clean and clear. Not changing filters puts more strain on the unit and can require more frequent commercial HVAC repairs.

Test Your Thermostat

Your commercial air conditioning in North Little Rock (and your heating, too!) relies on your thermostat. If it’s not working well, your building won’t stay at the correct temperature. Test it to make sure that it’s actually holding at the right temperature and that it makes things hotter and colder when you change it.

If it’s not working, call us to calibrate the thermostat or ask our commercial HVAC repair team to install a new one for you!

Clean Your System and Your Ducts

Fall can be a major time for allergies. Make sure you don’t bring them in when you run your commercial heating in North Little Rock by cleaning out your system and getting your ducts cleaned before you run it. Clearing out dust and debris could make any allergy sufferers feel so much better!

Schedule Fall Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Contact your commercial HVAC company in North Little Rock to schedule commercial HVAC maintenance before you try to use your heater. When you rely on us at Airmasters AR Heating & Cooling, we’ll come test each part of your system, make sure it’s all working as designed, then change your filters and clear out any visible dust and debris.

If you need a commercial HVAC repair, we’ll get the work completed fast so your business will have reliable heat whenever it gets cold enough to turn it on. Call us today to schedule your visit soon!

Get the Most Out of Your HVAC System During Shoulder Season

furnace maintenance in North Little Rock

It’s harder to use your HVAC system well during shoulder seasons. These seasons are times when the temperatures vary widely, and when you might need your AC during the day and your heater at night.

This usually happens during the spring and the fall, though it can occur at other times, too. There are a few things you can do to get the most out of your system during these times. If you need help with any of these, call your HVAC contractors in North Little Rock from Airmasters AR Heating & Cooling ASAP.

Keep Your Indoor Air Quality High

Spring and fall are major allergy seasons. Make sure allergens stay out of your home when you contact our indoor air quality services in North Little Rock. We’ll come to assess your air and address any problems we find.

We can also perform a North Little Rock duct cleaning to help you out. We’ll make sure your ducts aren’t helping spread allergens, dust, and other debris around your home.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

When you put in a programmable thermostat, you can help your heating and cooling system run more efficiently. Some HVAC systems will even allow you to set one temperature, and then the system will switch between heating and cooling as necessary to maintain that temperature. Others require you to switch between heating and cooling, but they still help you maintain a comfortable temperature at home.

Use Cooler Temps and Breezes to Help Cool Your Home

When it gets cool outside, turn off your air conditioning in North Little Rock and open your windows. You can use portable fans, ceiling fans, or attic fans to pull that cold air in from outside so it can cool your home. Just remember to close your windows and turn off your fans before your house gets too cold to be comfortable for you.

Get Your Fall Furnace Maintenance Done Now

Fall is a great time to get furnace maintenance because it prepares the system for the winter before those cold temps come. Schedule your fall furnace maintenance soon and we will come to test your furnace part by part, change your filters, and clean out any dust and debris that we find. We’ll make sure the furnace is in great shape to help you stay cool all winter long!

Contact us at Airmasters AR Heating & Cooling today or anytime you need HVAC contractors in North Little Rock. We’ll get to you quickly and work fast so you will be comfortable at home again soon.

Fall Heating Prep: What You Furnace Needs

When it’s time to turn on your furnace this fall, you want it to be ready to go. You don’t want to have to wait because it’s not working or because you haven’t yet done heating maintenance in North Little Rock.

According to our HVAC pros, there are a few heating maintenance tasks that you can do yourself. When those are done, you can call on us at Airmasters AR Heating & Air Conditioning for a professional furnace inspection in North Little Rock.

DIY Furnace Maintenance Tasks

Start your DIY heating maintenance by changing your filters. In fact, buy them in bulk so you can make sure you’ll have enough for the whole winter. A clean filter means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to pull in clean air to heat.

Next, make sure your system can get all of the air that it needs by cleaning out any intake grates that you might have. You should also make sure that all of your vents are clear of furniture, flooring, curtains, rugs, and anything else that might block airflow.

Professional Heating System Maintenance Tasks

Once you’ve done those tasks, it’s time to call for a professional inspection and furnace maintenance and in North Little Rock. Our team will come in and make sure your furnace is working the way it was designed to.

repairman performing furnace maintenance in North Little Rock

Our furnace maintenance includes things like:

  • Checking the pressure throughout your HVAC system
  • Calibrating your thermostat so it takes accurate readings and maintains the temperatures you desire
  • Checking all electrical connections in and pertaining to your heater
  • Cleaning out your heater
  • Changing your filters if they need it
  • Lubricating moving parts in your heater as they need it
  • Looking for rust or cracks in your heat exchanger, as these can cause carbon monoxide leaks
  • Testing your flue, as this is where carbon monoxide leaves your home
  • Testing the blower and the burner

If our heating maintenance in North Little Rock reveals any necessary repairs, we’ll arrange a time with you to return and complete those so you’ll have reliable heat whenever you need it this winter.

Call an HVAC Company for Maintenance

Call us at Airmasters AR Heating & Air Conditioning now, or anytime you need help with heating maintenance in North Little Rock. One of our Little Rock heating experts will be on their way to you soon and we won’t rest until your heater works well again!