5 Easy Steps to Get Your Home Holiday-Ready

The holidays are a special time for gathering with friends and family. Ensure your home is a cozy haven for your loved ones with these essential preparations. For residents in Little Rock, keeping contact with a reputable heating repair service close by, like Airmasters, is a wise move to tackle any unexpected hitches in your […]

Why Does My Furnace Smell? (And What Can I Do About It?)

Does your furnace smell foul or like it’s burning? There are a few common reasons why furnaces smell, ranging from too much dust to issues with your filters. Here are some quick tips to help identify the odor. You can also call Airmasters right away to do a furnace inspection, Little Rock furnace repair, or […]

The Importance of Plumbing Inspections In Little Rock: Safeguarding Your Home’s Vital Systems

As homeowners, we often take our plumbing systems for granted, assuming they will function flawlessly day in and day out. However, just like any other aspect of our home, plumbing requires regular attention and maintenance to ensure its longevity and prevent potential issues. This is where plumbing inspections come into play, serving as an essential […]

When to Change Your Air Conditioner Filter

Air conditioning is a blessing, especially during those hot summer months when the sun is relentless. However, like any other piece of machinery, your air conditioner needs care to function optimally. One simple yet essential part of this maintenance routine is changing the air conditioner filter. But how often should you be doing it? Luckily, […]

Why Keeping Your HVAC Blower Wheels Clean is Crucial

In your heating and air conditioning system, blower wheels and their blades serve a vital purpose: they move air throughout your ductwork. Airmasters Heating And Air Conditioning highlights the importance of maintaining their cleanliness for the smooth operation of your system. Call Airmasters today to have your HVAC blower wheels professionally cleaned and cared for! […]

Replacement VS Repair: When It’s Time For A New Water Heater Installation In Little Rock

Are you struggling with your hot water heater and aren’t sure what to do? Sometimes water heaters need a simple fix, such as draining out the water to remove any sendiment. Or you could need a water heater installation Little Rock. We put togehter a round-up of tips to figure out if you need a […]

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